Review of Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma

I received an advance reader copy of this book to be published March 15. This book has it all – humor, fake romance, sweater vests, a bridezilla, very sexy scenes, and bonus – multiple sets of aunties! I love the aunties. Kareena is a 30 year old woman whose family is concerned because she is still unmarried. Prem is a cardiologist who does not believe in love. They happen to meet at a restaurant and things go well until he suddenly has to leave at an awkward time. She later accompanies her engaged sister to the Dr. Dil talk show and discovers that Dr. Dil is Prem. Kareena and Prem get into a huge argument which goes out live on her sister’s Instagram stream. Kareena wants to buy the family home from her dad before he puts the house on the market, but she needs her wedding fund which he will only release if she is engaged. Prem is trying to open a health care community center and needs to rehabilitate his image after losing an investor due to the Instagram video. He proposes a fake engagement to Kareena to achieve both their goals. Kareena wants true love so she pursues online dating, plus her aunties try to find a man for her. Prem and Kareena spend time together to heal their relationship while she considers his offer. Their relationship progresses and becomes intimate. Kareena has to decide if she can accept marriage with a man who says he can never love her, and Prem has to figure out if he is capable of loving someone.

Great book. I loved every minute of this one.