Book review of Legacy by Nora Roberts (ARC I received from Net Galley of her upcoming book to be published in May 2021)

I have read several of Nora’s series (the Brides series and the Boonesboro Inn series were favorites) including some stand alone books and some involving the supernatural and witchcraft. This appears to be a stand alone book and would be considered a contemporary romantic suspense book (no supernatural elements).The book opens with “the first time Adrian Rizzo met her father when she was 7, he tried to kill her” and unfolds from there. Adrian’s mother never told her about her father because it was an affair her mother had with a college professor. Adrian’s mother launched a yoga workout video business while pregnant with Adrian and Adrian participated in her mother’s workout videos each year. The tragedy when Adrian was 7 leads her to spend some time with her grandparents in her mom’s hometown, where Adrian meets some new friends and a boy that will alter her life later in the book. In high school Adrian forms some lifelong friendships and finds business partners to start her own workout video enterprise. As her business takes off, she begins to receive threatening letters each year. She moves back to the small town when her grandmother dies to help out her grandfather and there begins a new chapter in her life, with old and new friends, the boy she met when she was younger, a big sweet dog, and the ever present danger as the threatening letters begin to escalate. She races to find out who is behind the threats before her friends or family get hurt. There are lots of exercise and yoga details, and great dogs. Love the dogs. There is a final confrontation with the person behind the threats, and everything is wrapped up nicely. Dogs to the rescue. Very good dogs. I recommend this book for anyone who wants a good engaging read. And good dogs.